Create awesome knitting charts in minutes.

Quickly create charts that would take hours to draw by hand or with other programs. EnvisioKnit's powerful and intuitive chart drawing tools make it possible.

Draw your designs freehand, or draw with lines and rectangles to speed things up. Instantly fill in whole areas with your chosen stitch or color. Erase stitches to create charts of any shape.

Transform your design. Rotate or flip sections of your pattern to create balanced stitch designs. Insert or delete rows and columns or use the crop tool to adjust your chart size.

Design visually using the chart rulers as your guide. See the dimensions of your chart in inches or centimeters. Zoom in to work in detail, or zoom out to see the full picture.

Reuse motifs and other design elements. Cut, copy and paste a motif across your chart. Use one chart as a motif to draw into another chart and save yourself tons of time.

Revise your work. Change yarn colors, gauge, grid settings, stitch symbols or instructions at any time. They will be updated instantly.

Annotate your chart with colored borders and text to highlight repeated sections or special instructions.

Achieve professional results instantly.

When your design is done, you're only a few clicks away from a professional pattern that is ready to publish.

Generate instructions for your chart automatically. Instructions read as if written by a designer, not a computer, and include stitch and row repeats. Instructions update automatically as you change your chart.

Preview your pattern just as it will look when exported to a document. What you see is what you'll get, from the charts, text and legends right down to the page breaks and layout.

Impress customers with professional quality patterns. In addition to your charts, EnvisioKnit includes your title, designer name, summary, copyright notice and even a stitch glossary that is automatically compiled from your pattern's stitches.

Make it your own.

Getting your design exactly the way you want it is fast and easy. EnvisioKnit is highly customizable, supports thousands of stitches and a wide array of export formats.

Customize any stitch, by changing its symbol, abbreviation, instructions, or wrong-side details. Easily create your own custom stitches. Draw custom symbols with EnvisioKnit's stitch symbol editor.

An enormous stitch vocabulary that includes all the basic stitches, plus thousands of decreases, increases, cables and more really sets EnvisioKnit apart from the rest.

Copyright your pattern. It's your design and you deserve all the credit. EnvisioKnit makes adding your own copyright notice to every page easy.

Export your pattern, or just an individual chart to an SVG, PNG, JPEG, BMP, or PDF document. Export as a Microsoft Word or Open Office document and take advantage of your word processor's capabilities to further customize your pattern.

...And more!

Try our free demo to see what EnvisioKnit can do for you. Don't forget to check out our videos to watch EnvisioKnit's features in action!