EnvisioKnit User's Manual

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Hotkeys and Keyboard Shortcuts

Hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts can speed up your workflow and make EnvisioKnit faster and easier to use. They can be particularly helpful if you frequently repeat a particular task, such as exporting patterns, or switching between charts. EnvisioKnit currently supports the hotkeys that are listed below.

Note that hotkeys are case-sensitive, so the same key may have different functions for upper and lower case.

This listing shows the hotkey mapping for the Mac version. The keys are nearly the same for Windows And Mac, but use different modifier keys (Alt vs Option, Ctrl vs Command). Click here to see the hotkeys for the Windows version.

  • Commands

    • Export
      Command + E
      Exports the current pattern or chart.
    • Print
      Command + P
      Prints the current pattern or chart.
  • Navigation

    • Edit Chart
      Ctrl + (1-9)
      Opens the chart given by the number key. E.g.: Command+1 opens the first chart in the design.
    • Edit Pattern
      Command + Enter
      Opens the pattern editor.
    • Edit Previous
      ⌘ + / CTRL + TAB
      Returns to the previous editor.
  • Settings

  • Chart Editor

    • Changing Modes

    • Selecting Yarns

      • Select Yarn
        Selects the yarn given by the number key. E.g.: The number key 1 selects the first yarn in the palette.
    • Selecting Stitches

      The following lowercase keys select frequently used stitches in the Chart Editor's stitch palette:

      • Knit
        Selects the knit stitch in the stitch palette.
      • Purl
        Selects the purl stitch in the stitch palette.
      • Yarn Over
        Selects the yarn-over stitch.
      • K2tog
        / d
        Selects the k2tog decrease stitch.
      • Ssk
        Selects the ssk decrease stitch.
      • Double Decrease
        Selects the centered double decrease stitch.
      • no-stitch
        Selects the background (invisible) no-stitch.
      • no-stitch (visible)
        Selects the visible no-stitch.
    • Activating Tools

      The following uppercase keys activate various used Chart Editor tools:

      • Stitch Select
        Activates the Stitch selection tool.
      • Draw Freehand
        Activates the Freehand Drawing tool.
      • Draw Line
        Activates the Line Drawing tool.
      • Draw Filled Rectangle
        Activates the Filled Rectangle drawing tool.
      • Fill
        Activates the Fill tool (paintbucket).
      • Border Rectangle
        Activates the Rectangular Border drawing tool.
      • Border Text
        Activates the Border Text drawing tool.
      • Zoom In
        Ctrl + Scroll Up
        Zoom in, increasing the magnification of the Chart Editor view.
      • Zoom Out
        Ctrl + Scroll Down
        Zoom out, decreasing the magnification of the Chart Editor view.
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